Case Saunalahti

From GSM Service Operator to MVNO

The project to turn Saunalahti into a Mobile Virtual Network Operator in 2004 had a tight schedule.

With NSF Telecom’s flexible service administration system – MVNOGate – this was realized in three months.

MVNOGate provides an intelligent communication channel between Saunalahti’s business support systems, mobile networks and service providers.

”With MVNOGate, we were able to speed up the project timetable of the changeover to Mobile Virtual Network Operator. We can now activate and deactivate services through one system in a centralized manner. The changeover of our GSM operations from a Service Operator to Mobile Virtual Network Operator will be perceived by our customers only in the form of new services. Saunalahti is now able to develop its own value-added services, such as 3G services, video calls and mobile office.” 
Panu Lehti, COO, Saunalahti