Telecommunications partnership

Bridging the convergence to NG networks

Telecom operators today are faced with customers’ addiction to connectivity, speed and new services. They also require improved data security and privacy. Because of this, operators keep looking for solid technology solutions to improve their performance, service offerings and customer service. Network operators look for opportunities to serve specific segments through specialized MVNOs. At the same time, many struggle with the transition between network generations.

NSF Telecom is an agile service enabler. With our long and deep experience in telecoms, we have developed a scalable telecom service platform that enables carrier-grade voice and messaging services over SS7 and IP networks. It is an ideal tool for a smooth transition from SS7 telephony networks towards IP-based service platforms and eventually Long Term Evolution (LTE) advanced solutions.



    Convergence from legacy systems to next generations networks.

    Need for an agile and competent partner in IN.

    Increasing consumer demand for more services and better performance.

Experience and evidence

    This is the core area of our competence. Solid and long experience and plenty of evidence.
        Case Ikaalisten-Parkanon Puhelin (hybrid switch)
        Case Blyk (nterconnect billing)
        Case IPP/Finnet (interconnect billing)
        Case Saunalahti/Elisa (service administration)

Benefits to customers

    Bridging between technologies, benefiting from the experience and knowledge + the proven platform and service building blocks

Our role

    ”The people behind the network intelligence”, bridging the convergence


    Convergence, next generation, IN, value-added services, communications cloud